The first meal of the day, we all know, is the most important. But what should breakfast be like for those looking for a pregnancy?  Sweet, salty, hearty or limited?  Gemma Fabozzi, embryologist and nutrition manager at the GeneraLife center in Rome explains it to us.

Breakfast must always and above all be balanced: unfortunately we often tend to introduce an excess of sugar in the morning, while as with all meals, our dish must be proportioned between carbohydrates, proteins and good fats. But above all, the ingredients must always be quality ones: choosing industrial foods, especially in this delicate phase of a woman, when she is trying to become pregnant naturally or through assisted fertilization, has a negative impact on health. That said, to start with, you should drink some hot water with half a lemon squeezed, to help intestinal regularity and detoxify the body. After 15 minutes, choose: an herbal tea, for example with ginger and lemon (not in sachets: just grate a fresh ginger root with a few drops of fresh lemon and then its zest, and 4-5 mint leaves); or for those who do not give up milk, a glass of whole milk (non-skimmed or lactose-free, because they are products that contain more sugars), with a coffee.

Instead of industrial rusks, prepare naturally leavened slices of bread to be toasted in the morning, even freezing them individually. In addition to this dose of carbohydrates, season with extra virgin olive oil or with a pate of black olives from taggiasca and oregano, or with some wild smoked salmon or a good quality raw ham.

For those who love a sweet breakfast, spread a spoonful of almond cream on toast (only ground almonds). Or, replace the oil with a little butter or ricotta and a thin layer of orange or kiwi jam and add some pine nuts on top. For those who do not like bread, replace it with 2 spelled or buckwheat or millet biscuits. As another condiment alternative, prepare an avocado cream by mashing one half with a fork, adding freshly squeezed lemon juice and a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, or eat it sliced ​​”.