How many embryos reach the blastocyst stage?
Laura Rienzi, scientific director of GeneraLife, explains it to us in this video.
“Couples who undergo Medically Assisted Procreation oftenly ask themselves many questions. One of the most common is how many embryos reach the blastocyst stage. The blastocyst, in fact, is the pre-implantation stage of the development, that is, the last moment in which the embryos can be kept in the laboratory. For us it is a very important stage because it determines the viability, the development capacity of the embryo. The selection that nature makes in vitro is the same as it does inside the mother’s womb”.
Is a blastocyst a guarantee of success in Ivf?
“On average, two or three blastocysts are obtained from ten oocytes. It is important to emphasize that there is a very high variability between couple and couple but also between cycle and cycle carried out within the same couple. Getting a blastocyst is very important. It is like laying the foundations for obtaining pregnancy. But the embryo, then, must be competent from a genetic point of view and must also be able to implant itself inside the uterine cavity. So an important first step but not a guarantee of success”.