GeneraLife Mission

Do you want to know more about our philosophy, our vision, our mission?

Here is our shared view on our values to become leaders in Reproductive Medicine.

The patient is our center

Any medical treatment is ought to be complemented with 6 concepts: safety, timeliness, efficiency, equity, transparency and patient-centeredness.

Healthcare providers always care about patients individual preferences and ensure that their needs and values guide all clinical decisions.

We follow these domains in healthcare: easy access, engagement, comprehensive information, efficient coordination, patient-centeredness, and publicly available information.

GeneraLife aims at providing each couple with the best possible treatment at a reasonable cost, while frankly and conscientiously supporting the patients after any given failure along their path to a safe pregnancy.

doctora enseñando a paciente aparato reproductor


FAILURE IS A PART OF PATIENTS PATHWAY, and we must be close to them especially after failures.

The couple should be aware of and accept the risks and limitations of each procedure in order to either rejoice for a success or be ready to face a failure. Recently, the ESHRE (the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) has firmly stated that the staff of an IVF center should not only be clinically-experienced but also show appropriate listening skills and, if required, invest time in the re-education of couples in possess of incorrect information. GeneraLife strongly supports this principle as essential.


GeneraLife promotes Research and Development in IVF through a rigorous scientific method. Each novel technology, device, strategy or approach is implemented only after a careful validation at each clinic.

GeneraLife professionals are sceptical, but always from a constructive perspective aimed at testing each novelty on the ground of its clinical application. Across the years, a scientific method has been applied to several topics, while some more investigations are constantly in the pipeline. This process is critical during counselling since the GeneraLife team will mostly refer to published evidence that the patients can even consult independently.

reproducción asistida probeta

Networking with international colleagues, Universities and scientific societies

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GeneraLife is promoter of collaborations in any field.

A broad view beyond national or even continental borders is pivotal for us, especially since reproductive medicine and its clinical application is closely linked to socio-economic contexts, as well as ethical or legal limitations that are country-specific. Networking with colleagues from other realities is the key to evolve within our own. Several representatives of GeneraLife cover important roles in national and international scientific societies like the Italian Society of embryology, research and reproduction (SIERR), or the Italian Society of Fertility and Sterility (SIFES), the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF) or the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE). We are also Reviewers and Associate Editors of various Journals in the field of reproductive medicine (Human Reproduction Update, Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics, Human Reproduction, Fertility and Sterility, Reproductive BioMedicine Online, Frontiers in Endocrinology).

A group that moves by the same values