Our strong commitment
with sustainability

When patients trust us, they decide to share the most important journey of their lives with a partner that cares for sustainability.

Progressing towards a sustainable development can offer companies new growth strategies and market opportunities. Emerging from our values, we have drawn up our corporate vision and mission, together with a sustainability strategy supported by four key pillars that encompass environmental, social and governance issues. This roadmap includes our contributions to fulfilling the expectations of our stakeholders and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals contained in the United Nations’ Agenda 2030.

A roadmap
for success

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Our Values

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Our Mission

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Our Vision

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Our Stakeholders

The pillars to our


The excellence we provide to patients is based on empathy, personalisation of treatments and honesty regarding the results we can achieve. We gain patients’ trust with high quality, validated clinical strategies tailored to them: we give hope but without compromising integrity or ethics. We are determined to progress on growing the fertility preservation business, increasing the size and efficiency of the donor programme and rolling out the B Woman programme to all countries.

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compañeros de trabajo


We’re committed to high standards of work satisfaction and believe it’s the most powerful way to achieve success for our employees and also for our patients, where teamwork and dedication are key and form part of our DNA as a company. The commitment and loyalty of our team is achieved by treating everyone with fairness, respect and kindness. Training, culture and tools are the key axes of our strategy to improve our collaborators’experience.


We aim to establish a vibrant, collaborative network intent on developing breakthroughs for the IVF of the future, starting from basic science and ultimately achieving clinical application via reliable results and evidence. We achieve excellence and the best results through evidence, reliable protocols and a total patient focus. Together with enhancing our contribution to the community, we work on the digital transformation of clinics and developing a Master programme on innovation.

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Respect and protection of the environment are our responsibility as a socially committed company. Our high ethical standards and social responsibility with regard to our environment, community and sustainable growth lead us to operate with a great deal of integrity and respect and to implement state of the art processes and technology to reduce our impact. For the coming future, we are engaged in a green energy transformation and a carbon emissions reduction target in line with science-based targets (SBT).


– Patients lie at the heart of what we do

– Transparency

– Innovation

– Networking with international colleagues, universities and scientific association


We gain our patients’ trust by always focusing on their personal journey and talking to them honestly. As a Group, our mission is to deliver the highest quality solutions through teamwork, as well as the latest scientific innovations, always from a place of integrity and with the patients’ needs at the core.



– Patients

– Referrers

– Team

– Peers

– Academia

– Suppliers