The import of donated vitrified oocytes is a suitable and safe strategy, with which to manage egg donation cycles in high-quality IVF laboratories. This was confirmed by a study from GeneraLife group on ‘Human Reproduction’.

“According to our experience – write our experts – when at least eight oocytes were allocated per couple, we achieved a cumulative live birth delivery rate in excess of 50%. On average, this number of oocytes resulted in seven surviving eggs and allowed the embryologists to confidently extend embryo culture to the blastocyst stage and adopt a single embryo transfer approach.

This, in turn, increased the safety of the treatment by preventing the establishment of multiple pregnancies. In fact, multiple gestations must be avoided, particularly after oocyte donation cycles since they could only worsen obstetric and neonatal outcomes, which are already worrisome per se”.

A clinical strategy to enhance the efficacy, efficiency and safety of egg donation cycles