IVF doctor in GeneraLife

Thanks to his successful university career, Danilo Cimadomo today holds the role of Science and Research Manager within the GeneraLife group.

As a former student of the degree course in Biotechnology at the University of Pavia – International, where he graduated in 2009, and after obtaining a degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics in the same University in 2012, he held two seminars recently as a speaker.

Cimadomo received the invitation from Professor Maurizio Zuccotti, Head of the Development Biology laboratory, where Danilo did his thesis internship ten years ago. In addition, in collaboration with the same University Department, GeneraLife activated the II level Master, which will start next month, ‘Biology and biotechnology of reproduction: from research to the clinic.’

Danilo spoke to the students about ‘Oocyte and embryonic anomalies’ and about ‘The new era of embryonic selection in IVF.’