GeneraLife last paper published in Human Reproduction.

New study published in the journal ‘Nutrients’

New evidences on cost-effectiveness of this protocol

Uniform morphological classification of embryos is a fundamental objective.

This study – say Filippo Maria Ubaldi and Laura Rienzi, scientific directors of GeneraLife group, co-authors of the new paper – shows how much pre-implantation genetic test is reliable and useful for optimizing IVF results.

The first ever article signed by all GeneraLife centers analyzes the state of the art for evaluating the success of an IVF treatment.

The observational study considered 2,688 transfers of single vitrified euploid blastocysts conducted in an IVF center between May 2013 and March 2020.

What will the embryology and andrology laboratory look like in 2030? Experts and pioneers of Medically Assisted Reproduction have tried to answer this important question.

A first important result that we can draw from the work, therefore – explains Gemma Fabozzi – is to have highlighted the importance of BMI in the birth rate, even when the patient is in ‘simple’ overweight, not obese.

A new GeneraLife study on male infertility in the Asia Journal of Andrology.