Danilo Cimadomo, Science and Research Manager of GeneraLife IVF, has been included among the 40 most talented professionals under 40 by Fortune Italia business magazine.

ELLE SPAIN on nutrition for fertility

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Peter Uher, medical director of the Ferticare by GeneraLife clinics, interviewed byTojesenzace.cz on the topic of anti-Covid-19 vaccination for couples looking for a child.

Genetic inheritance greatly affects the onset of early menopause, a physical and mental challenge for women in their 40s who face it, with headaches, fatigue, reduced sex desire and mood swings.

The Demetra center by GeneraLife IVF in Florence joined the initiative of the city municipality by planting 100 trees.

For those who intend to become parents , sexual health acquires great relevance and the need to acquire healthy habits multiplies. Currently, one of the factors that affect sexual health is stress and anxiety. An interview to Monica Aura Masip, medical director of Ginefiv clinic by GeneraLife IVF in Barcelona.

The first meal of the day, we all know, is the most important. But what should breakfast be like for those looking for a pregnancy? Sweet, salty, hearty or limited? Gemma Fabozzi, embryologist and nutrition manager at the GeneraLife center in Rome explains it to us.