Dr. Danilo Cimadomo, Science and Research manager of GeneraLife, participated in the precongress course “Old topics, new aspects: endometrium, implantation and early pregnancy” organized by the special interest group of which he is basic science officer. Dr. Danilo Cimadomo moderated the “Embryo reproductive incompetence and endometrial receptivity” session in which two internationally reknowned professors spoke: Professor Jan Brosens of the University of Warwick and Professor Eva Hoffmann of the University of Copenhagen.
He also talked about “Genetic testing of the non pregnant couple” and the impact and importance of expanded carrier screening in human reproduction.

The scientific director of GeneraLife, Laura Rienzi, moderated the pre-congress session entitled “Could we increase success in IVF – unsolved issues in ART”, organized by the Mediterranean Society for Reproductive Medicine. The main objective of the course was to highlight the unresolved issues in reproductive medicine, with the aim of stimulating discussions and proposals for future clinical and laboratory research.

Dr. Roberta Maggiulli, supervisor of the Embryology laboratory of the GeneraLife center in Rome, held an oral session illustrating the results of a study presented as a poster, which demonstrates how the duration of the cryopreservation of blastocysts, which can be pushed up to several years, does not affect clinical, obstetric and perinatal outcomes following a cycle of IVF.

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