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The role of male factor in icsi success

To date, little is known about the impact of the male factor on IVF outcomes such as embryo developmental competence and, more importantly, on aneuploidy rate. GeneraLife clinical researchers have published a study on this topic in the ‘Fertility and Sterility’ journal…

Women and COVID-19

Are women more affected by Covid-19 or not? How to behave during pregnancy, in case you discover to be positive? These and other questions are answered by the Italian Ministry of Health and the Italian Higher Institute of Health:

Ginefiv Barcelona’s opening

Ginefiv by GeneraLife opens its first center in the Catalan capital. After more than 30 years in Madrid, Ginefiv has decided to expand to other territories in Spain.

Natural pregnancy after 44 years

Is it possible to get pregnant naturally after the age of 44, 45? So many patients ask this question to our doctors. “The increase in maternal age – explains Filippo Maria Ubaldi, Director of the Scientific Executive Committee of GeneraLife…

GeneraLife at Asrm Congress

Danilo Cimadomo, scientific coordinator of GeneraLife, spoke at the 76th meeting of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), during a symposium on repeated implantation failures (RIF) during PMA cycles.