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The breakfast of an aspiring mother

The first meal of the day, we all know, is the most important. But what should breakfast be like for those looking for a pregnancy? Sweet, salty, hearty or limited? Gemma Fabozzi, embryologist and nutrition manager at the GeneraLife center in Rome explains it to us.

Ginefiv new clinic in Madrid

Ginefiv by GeneraLife opens a new clinic in Madrid. It will be located in Getafe to bring fertility services closer to towns from the south of the city. A cutting-edge and functional space which will put the latest technology in assisted reproduction at the disposal of patients.

IVF during a pandemic: questions and answers

“Questions and answers about family planning in coronavirus times”. Annabelle Switzerland interviewed two GeneraLife IVF experts, Dr. Francesca Bongioanni from our Livet center in Turin and Dr. Monica Aura Masip from Ginefiv in Barcelona, to clarify people’s doubts regarding IVF during a pandemic.